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it snowed in florida! my 1st time ever seeing snow! =D

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1935 days ago

it snowed in florida! my 1st time ever seeing snow! =D


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Wextron 1348 days ago

in Norway we have that, and 3 meters more snow :D

FourBeardStrong 1575 days ago

I remember that day very well...
I had just got finished with my GED test..

Zheenx 1730 days ago

Cool =D

HSsai 1889 days ago

those r sum big square nails ._. my place is full of snow and a bit of water and a bit of ice xP

Brightjar 1901 days ago

where you live it's the first snow you see, where i live it's..... *gulp* the last :\

ddungeonmasterz 1907 days ago

looks like excitations on her nails

AlanzaDemonica 1915 days ago

Pretty nails! I miss snow. :(

Snipehawk 1915 days ago

cut yo nails gurl.
is it for clawing santa claws?

therealpain 1916 days ago

cut your fingernails

SirValor666 1916 days ago

Trim your fingernails.....o-o

AtriaxAE 1918 days ago

Bah, you call that snow? That's ice!

necro_rouge 1924 days ago

im from norway and here it snows all the time, snow 4 months of the year anyone? a lttle snow is fun, but not one and a half meter

AQWSeahawks 1924 days ago

Must suck when you scratch a chalkboard with those nails >.

V_Hik 1924 days ago

Throw a snowball at artix!

Lady_Adella 1924 days ago

snow! Wow, all we get here is wind and rain. I wants the snow: can I live with yous? (jk)

lukearthur1 1925 days ago

do you live in Tampa cause i do and it didn't snow :( and now i'm sad for knowing it did snow in Florida.

tsukiyomaru0 1927 days ago

Happy you are. I may never see snow in my life :ยด(

NinjaAQW 1927 days ago

cool! =D

Robot_Tweets 1930 days ago

Wow. =O

Cyrogod 1930 days ago

*gets snow makes snow ball* see's artix *looks at snowball *thorws at artix* see's him get mad *runs XD