Olly von Steiff


ello, im olly. im a likkle bear hoo is egsyted too mayk furends nd chats on twittah. i helps wif #caykclub nd enjoys #keepfits.

i doo lyke a nise cayk wiv creem nd icin

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2393 days ago

i doo lyke a nise cayk wiv creem nd icin


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SydPie 2055 days ago

OMD!!!!! Nommy!

onecentpenny 2376 days ago

look at that cherry!!!

OllyTed 2376 days ago

ok ok i hav been praktisin fur cayk eaytin at #teddyolympics

clairemarie_85 2388 days ago

Can me & Mollie have abit? :-/

FlickieandSammy 2388 days ago


onecentpenny 2388 days ago

do you belive in sharing?? please

flicka47 2392 days ago

Oh,I bet you enjoyed that cake Olly! It looks really yummy!!

Aska_Alaska 2392 days ago

ooohh what a big cake! and pink!! :D

MrKiplingwoof 2392 days ago

Good idea Ollie, just what we need after #keepfits

OllieSpringer 2392 days ago

My human and I are both drooling.

OllyTed 2392 days ago

i rememba yew maykin goodies fur afta #keepfits - cayks ar soo nise! mayb i lern too bayk wun dey?

MrKiplingwoof 2392 days ago

OMD weight watchers menu again! yummy yummy

OllyTed 2392 days ago

it was a nise nise cayk hehe

elineof 2393 days ago

Lucky you!

Spencerteddy 2393 days ago

Yummy, You are lucky, because We haven't got enough time to bake.

JennyRosePetal 2393 days ago

Oh dat looks delishus!

OllyTed 2393 days ago

ello .. it was a beary nommy cayk nd took lots of eatin

bijntje 2393 days ago

That looks realy yummie

OllyTed 2393 days ago

it a nise stiky cayk isnt it? i lyk the icin nd the creems cayks a lot!

RosieandCheeto 2393 days ago

*lick* *lick* oooooo, that's supur-dupur-deeeeelishus icing!