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My current view of an Australian evening.

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2302 days ago

My current view of an Australian evening.


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yepshesmadeline 1709 days ago

Where about's is this? I hope it's QLD, we have the best beaches :)

sweety1art 2295 days ago

Can we meet for Brunch darling??? A lot of my friends in England would be soooo happy!!! :0) ( sorry about the smily) X

mollymalone45 2296 days ago

Lived in Australia for eighteen months, amazing beautiful country!

221B_SW 2297 days ago

wow. thats amazing. looks like a great holiday XD

verakate 2297 days ago

Well its fair to say that I have my friend the green eyed monster sat beside me! Oh and you might need a cardi on when you get back home! Really lovely!

Pattoon 2298 days ago

Did you fall,Then take the Picture or were you already lying down and if you did fall did you catch the coatrack on the way down?By the way Miranda is by far the best written comedy on Tv and you Lady are quite a good Laugh "as i like to call it".All the

aliceebeep 2300 days ago

oh yes, there's a great white over there... watch out. and the ozzie mozzies are a bugger... happy new year!

feltrec 2300 days ago

if you weren't so nice and funny i'd think you were trying to make us jealous...heard about the snow yeah?

clairejackson13 2300 days ago

Not jealous.... much!

CamilleCheshire 2301 days ago

Wish i could see the Sea. All I can see is snow. Even if I could, this is just a bit better than Southsea Sea Front I guess....

orangenlemon 2301 days ago

thats lovely miranda,better than freezing ur wotsits off in the uk!!lol

Miranda_LadyA 2301 days ago

wow Miranda this is beautiful

Snafflepuss 2302 days ago

Jealous, much.

Wilemina 2302 days ago

Nice piccy Miranda. Glad to see that you're having a good time^^

andthisistracy 2302 days ago

sooo warming...unlike here bbrrrr, you lucky thing lol

VivienneVM 2302 days ago

Cuba Libra please...and no, don't put any bloody ice in it.

Lliingg 2302 days ago

That's really nice Miranda... I hope you are havin a wonderful holiday! I bet you needed a break from all that filming! I love you lots like jelly tots :) loreleii xx

iangibsonmusic 2302 days ago

How beautiful. Mind you, depsite the freezing temperatures, the snow in the UK is also very beautiful. If only I could defrost enough to appreciate it.

fatchickengirl 2302 days ago

Anywhere near Cape Tribulation? Looks like it if so go to Crocodylus a youth hostel in the Daintree rain forest. Nothing and nowhere like it on Earth...

NorthernJim 2302 days ago

You're not making any friends with this pic, you realise that don't you!?