Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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TkGAfan 2293 days ago

I'm getting tired of this chick....

Shy_May13 2317 days ago

OOoo Cutie... ;]

ATX10 2317 days ago

dude your chick is friggin hot..

DeannaRLewis 2326 days ago

hey is this where u got her necklace? they have some cool stuff.

CeciVR 2327 days ago

you have so much awesome stuff! :D

safe_paranormal 2327 days ago

You lucky man with Christine dolce (desert in italian, but you knew i'm sure). Definately put a couple cherries on that!

sarahbearsweeti 2327 days ago

your chick

sarahbearsweeti 2327 days ago

dude i would do you chick fuckin hott

xKatieBarnettx 2327 days ago

I like it :-D

mary_lasvegas 2328 days ago

like what you did with your house, its different... in a good way!

sportiegirl3320 2328 days ago

i love how zak is so advenuteousn hes pretty sexy!!!!!!!lmao i wanna go on to one of his lockdowns with em n investigate wid em!!!

bansheekat 2328 days ago

your house is a museum of horrors.

NYCRedhead 2328 days ago

1 thing I luv about Zak & : Both excellent about archiving/preserving their successes/meaningful things. Shows respect 4 their work/people & it's not easy to stop and reflect. Bravo.

NYCRedhead 2328 days ago

I'm seeing some interesting bling on Ms , I am! Nice piece (of jewelry, I mean) sister. ;)

kressaM 2328 days ago

is that a soup awards, i see? and your place is like a museum :] and speaking of museums, did y'all ever visit the mütter museum in philly?

Carrie_Klein 2328 days ago

Your house is like one of those wonder emporiums...except...different...

cindyjscott 2328 days ago

awesome eyes. cool

DeannaRLewis 2328 days ago

i LOVE her necklace where did u get it?

GOTHICVAMPRIP 2328 days ago


BMXBrandon03 2328 days ago

You both look cool together even though I think girls are yucky!! lol :)