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Hell. I'll leak it. Rob and Kris holding hands from behind. From Sam's sister's FB acct.

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1966 days ago

Hell. I'll leak it. Rob and Kris holding hands from behind. From Sam's sister's FB acct.


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Gooo0ooooL 1965 days ago

to me is like 90/100 sure if not why the hell would she have one hand in pocket and the other not? i mean usually both in the pocket or nothing lol

Gooo0ooooL 1965 days ago

i checked the original pic, pasted it in word, cut it,and them enlarged it (making it VERY wide, cut some bright and added some contrast, then enlarged it really wide and tarannnn yeah theyre holding hands LOL yeap!

Cilou_c 1965 days ago

we can see better...

Cilou_c 1965 days ago

She's in UK because she loves Rob !

el_batador 1965 days ago

urm... ya... u can't see shit cauz the suns in the fucking way and the angle is bad so ur "proof" ain't there!!!

DanniManosalva 1965 days ago

I forgot to ask... why did Kristen is in UK?? LOL!!

DanniManosalva 1965 days ago

Yes...i think that too, i meand...i love ROBSTEN but definitly they are not holding hands...sorry....but i think that after this... say that robsten does not exist is stupid...or not?

Cilou_c 1965 days ago

yes me too !

zapmlik 1965 days ago

I dont think there holding hands but I DO think they are together!

_anitaaa_ 1965 days ago

in my opinion: she has her hands in her jacket pockets and is walking ahead of him.. they aren't holding hands...

ElenaRad 1965 days ago

Grace Bradley thats her name :)

Cilou_c 1965 days ago

Sorry i love ROBSTEN mbu i can't see anything...

PattinsonLadies 1965 days ago

what's his sister name????

ItsStacciYall 1965 days ago


sonalitomar 1965 days ago

omg omg!!

Nanavette 1965 days ago

It looks like her "arm" is a shadow from someone ahead of them.

SweetOnStew 1965 days ago

Aw, so romantic. Robsten is SO on

KstewLoving 1966 days ago

they are soooo cute (L) i love them !!

Bibby_ 1966 days ago

Does anyone know Sam's sister FB?

TracyyLynnn 1966 days ago

Hell YES.. Ha i totally see the hand holding