Kate Beaton


broadside ballads for the modern man

sketch time, sketchy pages

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2453 days ago

sketch time, sketchy pages


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nebkor 2452 days ago

I can only repeat myself: teen heartthrob Kate Beaton is a master of drawing expressive faces.

no1unozzz 2453 days ago

"These last few days, we've talked about some wonderful plans. And then you go on an idealistic binge. You give up your job, you throw away all your security, and then you expect me to be happy about it!"

no1unozzz 2453 days ago

Oh, come now, 2nd pic is clearly John Wayne in The Quiet Man (whether you realized it or not) ... oh, golly, Maureen O'Hara was soooo gorgeoso in that! (OK, she was pretty gorgeoso in everything -- and in Mo34thS she so delightfully said "These last few

popupshelby 2453 days ago

or a jules feiffer feel

ihaveeczema 2453 days ago

dude in the middle of the first page looks hella kerouac

massdistraction 2453 days ago

I'm seeing Stephen Fry in the top two panels.

foxymoronic 2453 days ago

If it does not offend your artistic sensibilities, I will choose to read it from centre right, anticlockwise, as a rags to riches story from being a young librarian with Perry Masons in her eyes to becoming the face of Murder, She Wrote. Only I...I'm not

beatonna 2453 days ago

the lady at the top isn't anyone- none of them are anyone, I was just drawing. Except Elizabeth and also George IV farting, that was an example of contemporary political cartoons I was demonstrating

foxymoronic 2453 days ago

Top left: a young Angela Lansbury?

georgianalee 2453 days ago

The lady in the top right corner looks pretty frisky.

googlephonics 2453 days ago


cheinara 2453 days ago

It says 'TAXES'! I love the drawing style here.

voodoochild9 2453 days ago

I love the way you draw people.
Hah, is that Sir Walter Raleigh talking to Queen Elizabeth?

varmazis 2453 days ago

a big ruff is never enuff.
also, does that fart say "takes"? i am intrigued.

heldor 2453 days ago

Some of these have a very Quentin Blake feel to them