Ghost Adventures


Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin travel to the scariest places in the world. New episodes every Friday at 9 E/P.

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1966 days ago


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HannahElizaNoel 1683 days ago

Spidey Man! No..noo...Sexy Man!

chrispidoll 1704 days ago


agarrett1fusene 1707 days ago

I wll come with you... ask and you my friend may recieve... hahahahahhhhh

marjory68GACfan 1707 days ago

love you zak! do you want me to take your hand

sageprincess 1709 days ago

dam sexy

Ldy_dragon 1709 days ago

And with this picture, you can only IMAGINE how much they act up off camera. Especially this one!

dgs615 1715 days ago

I kept looking for lightning or wizards fire

iEpiCRaWr 1960 days ago

Omg.This Pic Is Soo Sexy. :O

RedSonja311 1960 days ago

I really love this picture....;)

OhHelloKitty 1964 days ago

poor zak, i bet this was when he forgot his quarters to do his laundry at eastern state, "can you lend me some change for the dryer?"

MrsCarisa 1966 days ago

This is one of his signature poses.

cutie___pie 1966 days ago

haha luv ya zak

peng20 1966 days ago

You're so funny Zak! The guy on the on the left was like, "What are you doing?" while the other is laughing.

firefly_7 1966 days ago

really awesome picture!

AFILvr77 1966 days ago

yes. i find zac very cutee. but i think if i were him all these cute cmments would freak me out. OMG U HAVE STALKERS!!!! ahahahah xD

cindia1978 1966 days ago

Too cute. It reminds me of Criss Angel but Zac is much cuter!!!!!!!

AGHEchoNay 1966 days ago

S'good face, Zak.

leefan4life 1966 days ago

cute zac

sarahleighton 1966 days ago

Awesome photo hunny it's very criss angel like

danar75 1966 days ago

Zak... uuuuuuse the fooooorce...