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@trek_ben was building up my new @teamradioshack bike during the game!!

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2309 days ago

was building up my new bike during the game!!


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davidwalker_vk2 2245 days ago

Trek are building me a bike. I've been waiting 6 years for it. It should be a beauty when they finish it.

christinekona 2304 days ago

Cool bike I just got my new trek madrone 2 you will see me rideing the pink with purple flames good luck always from christinekona the lady you called at the hosp. Last Jan.who was hit buy the car

JaccoVanEmst 2305 days ago

oh no now i want one you you...... basterd

PhotoWil 2305 days ago

nice work if you can get it!

Linnet71 2306 days ago

Nice colour scheme. I have a 2006 Trek 1500 SLR in metallic anthracite- beautiful (UK model with full Ultegra) and it's a dream to ride- for me it's a perfect bike.

ste960 2307 days ago

superbe machine

steveh3 2307 days ago

steveh3 2307 days ago

Team Sky is a sexy ride as well, one to beat this year,27401,17548_5792106,00.html#photo=1

claireelworthy 2307 days ago

pleaseeeeee put yellow bar tape on :)

douglaswarr 2308 days ago

nate552's comment - check out the yellow livestrong flash on the seat stay

loanburger 2308 days ago

White stem is fine but it needs a white seat post to match.

hermes_at_home 2308 days ago

is he in the kitchen? Does he make the tea aswell as build bikes?

sivelo 2308 days ago

black stem better

LarryBirdy 2308 days ago

Still your bike weighs 0.7 kg more than mine, nana nana nana....... (ok. ok. you're 20 min. faster up Alpe D' Huez but who's countin' :-)

carlj1969 2308 days ago

Awesome bike.Bought myself a 2010 madone in december.due to continuing bad weather only ridden it once.

remufasa 2308 days ago

wow powered by nissan good engine sure you win ahaha ciao

twitchyman2000 2308 days ago

very nice bike i like it

TRHawley 2308 days ago

, how about coming to my house for the Super Bowl and building me up a nice ride?

brentcsears 2308 days ago

Maybe you need texas on the frame somewhere!

mrbill61 2308 days ago

we need more names on frame, how bout Lance and the rest of the family, maybe all the team members