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LOL look what was in my P.O. Box today!! Haha WTF?!?

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2284 days ago

LOL look what was in my P.O. Box today!! Haha WTF?!?


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PANDUHF00D 2215 days ago

ahh, How did they know?!; LMAO jk i love you

Jwhite898 2251 days ago

something for those ligh days ?? lol

keithfeeney 2273 days ago

Oh... so that's where I sent them..... Whoops....

F31ipe 2274 days ago

wtf charlie are you like....

chasecharron 2279 days ago

we all know you want to be a girl but this is crazy!?!?

millierox 2281 days ago

wow..........did they like change your gender...?

159951 2283 days ago

i ment not

159951 2283 days ago

im nnt going to ask rfol

mercythekitty 2283 days ago

Release your inner girl, Charles. We all know you want to.

matias9900 2283 days ago

what the hell is that :O:O:O

thechaosmoons 2283 days ago


jamesheckley 2283 days ago

hey maybe charles might be a girlls but is in the body of a guy .....

ba8yRoseSs 2284 days ago


l_w41sh 2284 days ago

make* sorry

l_w41sh 2284 days ago

made a video of you trying them out!!!!!

ct_fan 2284 days ago


kylethale 2284 days ago

you finally got my gift! how do you like it? lmao

acontrolist 2284 days ago

I'm not here to judge....

kuyac3o 2284 days ago

it's perfect for you, don't you think? lol. :p

shellwoz 2284 days ago

HAHA!!! I can only imagine what the people at the post office were thinking! They were probably like, "What the hell?!" :p