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G' Day and Kia-Ora! I live in a cookie box house with Lucy,@Gilbertteddy,@ArthurConanbear,@Sherlockteddy and other furry pals.My motto is: Make someone happy.

Stella necklace case: finding clues!

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2574 days ago

Stella necklace case: finding clues!


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spike_cat 2560 days ago

Meow! I didn't nose you were on a case!

Spencerteddy 2560 days ago

I am not joking. Have you see this?

Spencerteddy 2562 days ago

Nice to meet you! Happy #TeddyTuesday too!I'm working on my detective case and I'm fine. How are you?

Spencerteddy 2572 days ago

we are working on case...

OllyTed 2573 days ago

oh spencer yew ar a brav smart bear nd i doo howp yew solv the mystry

flicka47 2573 days ago

So are you having any sucess?? Looks like you found a clue...

Spencerteddy 2573 days ago

It's an ugly business, Marshallsheldon, an ugly, dangerous business...

Spencerteddy 2573 days ago

Hello and hugs. We have a strange case. How are you?

SidTheCatahoula 2573 days ago

Oh, that looks like fun!

Spencerteddy 2573 days ago

I'm working a beary dangerous case with Lucy.

Spencerteddy 2573 days ago

We are looking for any clues...