Maybe you were the ocean, when I was just a stone.

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2456 days ago


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Tweetfie 2455 days ago

omg, I'm freaking out. I have no idea who that Johnny guy is! I'm googling, googling, googling! And if I ever was on my daily stroll and saw them pass me, I'd probably pass out too :p Or laugh so hard because of the nerves :D

abbeyleecave 2455 days ago

tomstu looks more like artstu to me. I see ginge beneath that beanie. I was thinking 'the rev' was tom. Are we sure of these labels? My eyes are playing tricks on me now, I have no idea. Maybe that is tom, he is so lonesome.

cassandra1992 2455 days ago

how would u know where rob and kristen were in this pic anyway? i cnat even see them!...even with their names labeled on the pic

MelaniePott3r 2456 days ago

guys ur getting boring with this picture, if I'd see rob I'dnt tweet where he is hah

TXBirdie 2456 days ago

can't breathe laughing so hard! do you think the dead twihard collapsed because from that angle she can see that they're holding hands?

MiraTL 2456 days ago

LOL! "English Rocks rock!"

caritadeangel 2456 days ago

How can you tell is them? I can barely see their face

beatlesluv22 2456 days ago

I didnt know Bobby was a reverend lmao

lostinphilly57 2456 days ago

This is hysterical!!!!! LOL...."dead twihard who just couldn't deal w/the madness"

DalvaFernandes 2456 days ago


outrageouside 2456 days ago

I'm dying to laugh

Voodoo_Dolly_ 2456 days ago

ROFL. ily. lololol.