Lee Unkrich


Director of Toy Story 3. Pixar Handyman. Curator of Cabinets of Curiosities. Longtime caretaker of the Overlook Hotel. Tiki God.

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juliacerda 2262 days ago


SSABALBORO 2403 days ago

(: !!!

Cucuxenxo 2403 days ago


AJMkarate717 2413 days ago

Genius! Why did I never think of this?

Mary_GSantos 2416 days ago

ha ha ha so funny!

jeremyridesbike 2421 days ago

That is a AWESOME tattoo!

Aramati_ 2422 days ago


LiaRenard 2422 days ago

Tatuagem de Toy Story \o/ Melhor *o*

vannessalopes 2422 days ago

rsrsrsrssr #adooro!

uwould1269 2422 days ago

This is my foot. No lie.I just googled toy story tattoo to see what other people have. And that's my foot. Ha. Yes everyone it's real. It hurt.

ALoveIsATear 2516 days ago

haha LOL

snapslideroll 2519 days ago

Wow! With permanent ink too!

tpeteranna 2568 days ago

im so inspired im now wearing a cowboy hat ! toodle pip :)

LeapingLamp 2569 days ago

Did that tickle? :)

Maheshpixarfan 2573 days ago

that is so cool i'll to make one with my permanent marker

maralmaster 2573 days ago

its mindblowing and creative also.....

keywordjoy 2573 days ago

OH MY GOODNESS! That's the best thing ever!!

Phieinyourtea 2573 days ago

as awesome as that'd be, can't be real, no tattooist would agree to doing it cos it'd just rub off!

ChristiSezHi97 2573 days ago

That is so AWESOME!!!! :D

soccerbones434 2573 days ago

ouch my youth minister said he wanted to get one that said god