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21. Caramel Royalty. Local Party/Online Promoter. Freak On Tha Low-Low. Stay Fresh & Krispy. Life Of Tha Party! ... {([√] VERIFIED DICK PLEASER)}

#TwitterAfterDark #FreakyAfterDark MY BACKGROUND PIC UN-EDITED!!! (!.RT.!) =}

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2392 days ago

#TwitterAfterDark #FreakyAfterDark MY BACKGROUND PIC UN-EDITED!!! (!.RT.!) =}


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b20Dub_Eleven11 2366 days ago

i wouldnt mind eatin' you up baby

imfresh24 2384 days ago

ill make that creamy

upyourstwo 2388 days ago

want 2 pleasure you with my tongue then deep stroke u with my dick..

_mariCOLD 2389 days ago

thats what i want ma

Drediggy 2389 days ago

Need to let a big man get some of that.

Alliance_Yute 2390 days ago

nice,clean n pretty..but i'm not a vaginatarian like the rest of these savages..mi fucc pum not eat it!!

DaGills 2390 days ago

damn ma dats nice

Lyrical_raw 2390 days ago

dayummmmm dats pretty lol

The_URG 2390 days ago

Hey #NT 8o

kRiTiK_ 2392 days ago

let me be the thread in dat needle eye

SouthernQuality 2392 days ago

*covers mouth & daydreams.............lol..

Yung_Kiddo_Tone 2392 days ago

gnr yhu even got an old country asx niigha commentin yo shidd. budd thisx shidd make a niiggah go ckrazyy fha real !

MarvelMentality 2392 days ago

i wanna taste!

CURT_MONEY 2392 days ago


THAGOD31 2392 days ago

can i eat

MyStEr_B 2392 days ago

you can put dat in my face anytime

Sir_10Price 2392 days ago

thats fresh aint it?

gfoutjr 2392 days ago

Oh Would I Have Fun With That Hmmm

Super_Steez 2392 days ago

I want it!!!!