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Uh... have we seen "Avatar" somewhere before?

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1688 days ago

Uh... have we seen "Avatar" somewhere before?


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legeekette 1649 days ago

Haha, this is spot on.

GarageQueen 1656 days ago

Pocahontas Dances with Ferngully

danielledarwin 1658 days ago

That's why I'll never watch Avatar. Let's add to that the Twilight tra lala.

ericmpls 1660 days ago

Personally, thought it was a Pocohontas - Princess Mononoke mash-up.

wwwmemominecom 1670 days ago

Loved the Movie. Yes history repeats itself. Yes, there was a Pocahontas
costume and now there is a Avatar costume.

amypnds 1672 days ago

My friend is going to kill me for even looking at this pic (massive Avatar fan), but hell, this is funny. :))

SequoiaRedd 1674 days ago

this is hillarious

AwkwardlyFab 1675 days ago

totally agree :)

Corienkiweee 1675 days ago

lol exactly what i said when it forst came out!!

saberwynter 1676 days ago


opethestylist 1680 days ago

lol! Yes and possibly. RT Uh... have we seen "Avatar" somewhere before?

Sustainablehero 1680 days ago

if hollywood wants an original story for a #film they should make a movie about Sustainable Energy Man RLSH #truestory

flowersophy 1680 days ago

LOL! Can you do the same trick with Peter Pan :)

Itutsiahas 1681 days ago

this is wat we call dhajjiyan udaana....

sbokjui 1682 days ago

the same story is told in lot of films... #malayalam film "Vietnam colony" for example

rbabu01 1683 days ago

Such is showbiz, remix remake retold. Well, if it really becomes the 10billion$ (quite likely, that much I'm told) box office earner - this makes this story different.

Chipztor 1684 days ago

dammmnnnnnn, wtf! Avatar - u mean plagiarism!! lmao

JewelledRabbit 1684 days ago

The first comparison that came to my mind when I saw it was "Princess Mononoke". Not original, but gorgeous nonetheless.

BJtwitty 1684 days ago

Quite a take on Avatar!

sunil_coth 1684 days ago

its new AVATAR !!