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7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

And the scenery driving home... Scary.

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2339 days ago

And the scenery driving home... Scary.


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behavedave 2326 days ago

Your all being a touch harsh when the problem is really due to the inconsistency of the English language. On the other hand I shouldn't consider things so much - bloody illiterates.

davidsweet13 2335 days ago

mikezagorski...It's being towed...look at the shadow..."towe" is the redneck way to spell tow ;)

cdags 2338 days ago

Looks like the truck inhabited by a rogue spitter during my last ride from Dripping Springs back to Manchaca. Looks like he got his...

jwnelson 2339 days ago

had to be on seen South bound on Hwy 281 or Texans know what I mean.

briandickert 2339 days ago

It looks like you were in a good place to catch a good draft.

drogerm 2339 days ago

I love it!

CancerVoicesSA 2339 days ago

I think this guy's brother passed us up in the Adelaide Hills this morning - see you in January!

byronf 2339 days ago

maybe it's a ghetto vehicle wrap?

mikezagorski 2339 days ago

Maybe it's dyslexic for "Towe'in"?

ryanmccracken 2339 days ago

Oh...because the "E" is silent. Ha!

njolly 2339 days ago

I just don't get it (from the UK!).

almaadeed 2339 days ago

OMG so scary

chrissyparks 2339 days ago


RedheadWriting 2339 days ago

Is that the glint of a gun rack in the rear window I see? And is that shoe polish or magic marker?

h2omojo 2339 days ago

Can't forget that E in tow

theswordsman 2339 days ago

Ran it through Google Translate. Swedish for "the towering." No less scary

jonofTeamWill 2339 days ago

If he only knew who was drafting behind him. Is that Chris Horner up there leading the pack in the Winnebago?

jfellrath 2339 days ago

You should have a sign on the back of your bike that says "never in towe." ;)

bmc78 2339 days ago

How'd you get a pic of my car?

maurorizzardo 2339 days ago

stupid hicks