Debby Ryan


I have stories untold and maps to unfold but everyday I get where I'm going. Join my Galaxy at I think you rule.

@flipachu nope.

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SaraizzleJonas 1874 days ago

Mkaay! Yeww Guysz Are Annoyinq!

cristinamuzic 1891 days ago

oh. You iPhone is 3G too so it's small haha!

TayDful 1931 days ago

My Ipod Touch Works Better But still is that an app? Follow Me

emichung92 1932 days ago

This is you Iphone touch ?????

SOTADancemajor 1958 days ago

Pretended you are someone else is not good! You gotta let people know the real you and not as the girl who pretends to be someone else! LOL! I cant be deep sometimes! But that was way wrong!

10kellys 1960 days ago

whos kara crane?but anyways whoever does that (pretend ur someody else is mean!!!!!)

Jarsfy 1962 days ago

If someone really wants to meet and talk to a celebrety that really isnt the way to do it. In fact, thats a quick way to get someone to NOT want to talk to you.

simymoley 1962 days ago


debs_rocks 1963 days ago

Haha u go girl :p. Btw U should make a facebook!

o0Salina0o 1964 days ago

wow...Go Debs,Go! hahaha...I love how u call out a poser! xD xD

milliecv 1964 days ago

there's no such twitter account as because the faker deleted it. Glad you are against fakers, debs;

x__alice 1965 days ago

yay, you prooved them wrong girl. :P but there is no such twitter account as

DavidKohl1 1965 days ago

uh iphone coool ;)! wie gehts dir debby? meine kleine cousine würde liebend gern ein autogramm von dir das irgendwie möglich, obwohl sie nicht in amerika wohnt :)? lg

anaylez 1965 days ago

soo cool you have an iphone.. happy 4 you

kingkimatherapy 1965 days ago

debby, you have an iphone? YES! And yes, that's quite strange. And if Kara sees this, "Hello Kara" :p.