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Smh!! Lost on Revis Island

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2532 days ago

Smh!! Lost on Revis Island


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BIGGALOC 2493 days ago

*child please

BIGGALOC 2493 days ago

chils please

OG_LEW 2512 days ago

tell that fool to kiss the baby! dont buy into shut down corner...
that fool is clean tho

martylala 2520 days ago

errrmmm... Skipper?

PUDGE___ 2521 days ago

Wtf is talking about deangelo is a bumb and springs been outta his prime a long time ago and bailey is still good just on a bad team no one is hyping him up he's just locking every one down

ionEEMknow 2527 days ago

revis is good but give credit to the WHOLE secondary they only hyping him up b/c they need someone to hype him up...bailey is not in his prime, springs, deangelo...

JusJewelz 2527 days ago

looks like #revisisland did it's thing!

Marcus_Reese 2528 days ago

- Wes Welker is the man. I can't wait to see the rematch between and this weekend. Last week was kinda meh.

narcocorridosmx 2529 days ago

come on ocho... we got a game to play against the jets... a rematch and i believe its at home for the bengals correct? anyway you better destroy them i hope to see you catch a TD.

conker901 2529 days ago

why is roddy white up there :(

Matchew09 2529 days ago

of course that just means that tom brady isn't good enough to hit all his recievers....

_TTTTTTT_ 2529 days ago

Buddy please. Wes welker CANT be covered ... Hes the best. It's just that simple ... He missed 2 games and STILL led the league in catches

MadisonNYJETS 2530 days ago


gsantos725 2530 days ago

you pat fans are mad funny. can never give Revis his credit. It's not his fault he's not put on Wes Welker. But whoever he is covering.. that boy is not going to get that ball..

BigBadWolf90210 2530 days ago

Chad start eating andre hes got the most meat on the bone itll last you the rest of the season

grahmbutler 2530 days ago

you should have randy and t.o. on their twice

RotoZdroik 2530 days ago

wayne only played one half man

EdRaby 2530 days ago

Damn Ochocinco you sure do talk a lot of shit for getting your ass beat on Sunday! And I was rooting for you guys pick it up this week bro...come on I want to see the Bengals win baby because I love ur ass!

TJWater 2531 days ago

lmao tru RT " Escape from Revis Island playing this weekend in Cincinnati. Starring Ocho Cinco"

DJAM418 2531 days ago

Child please ! Shut down Moss 2x Owens 2x Andre Johnson Wayne got overthrown bcuz of peyton under pressure. Give Revis his credit