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Lost on Revis Island, the movie poster. (This is via Sean Deegan at Jets Insider.) #Jets

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2570 days ago

Lost on Revis Island, the movie poster. (This is via Sean Deegan at Jets Insider.) #Jets


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johnnylimoNY 2570 days ago

Talk about stand up! All these talkers couldn't do any walkin and Revis just smiles and says "This is what WE do" WE being operative word. Wouldn't want to know where WE'd be without ya! Thanks Revis!

rahman11218 2570 days ago

I would actually like to see revis go head to head against wayne one more time cuz he was takin out after 1st so it kinda fully didnt count but dont think im sayin revis cant hold him cuz i respect revis, i even got his jersey and im a huge jets fan. A re

rahman11218 2570 days ago

Lmao, that is the best pic i had ever seen, hands down ..defintly gettin this shirt.. Ask moss what revis jersey # repersents to him for the week 2 match up..lol

DOriginalDonald 2570 days ago


LaurNYJ 2570 days ago

OMG...a picture is worth a thousand and 24 words!!!! Revis Rocks

CoachRitt24 2570 days ago

That pic is hilarious!!! Only you can contain all those egos and big play ability on your island! It was an awesome day the other night!!! Trying to make it to Cincy!

bigsexy60 2570 days ago

love it, that's what I'm talking about it!! shutting 'em down, Revis got the league on lockdown, GO JETS!!!!

GirlCop416 2570 days ago

That is freakin' hilarious! Revis is da man.

JetsFanClub 2570 days ago

Very Cool!!!

janesports 2570 days ago

To clarify, got this from Jetsfan_MD, who created and posted it on JetsInsider.com earlier today. That is the brain behind this image.

dominicanraf 2570 days ago

As a diehard Jets fan, I love the pic! Shut'em Down Revis!!!

LeRoyLive 2570 days ago

Mr. has the WR saying, the plane the plane like Tattoo http://tinyurl.com/7gfjlq when Jets fly over them

eyeofh 2570 days ago

That's the funniest thing I've seen in a long time!

JETSYANKSNY95 2570 days ago

BEAST get the shirt at jetsshop.com

dawgspanthers8 2570 days ago

i love this photo

James11377 2570 days ago

OMG this pic is great.

WhoDey_0985 2570 days ago

WOW! That picture is so gay! We will see what Chad does on saturday

AJCNYC56 2570 days ago

Love it!!

JoshElkin 2570 days ago

Thats what im talkin about!