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Celebrating gravity today, and Sir Isaac Newton. (Rollover logo to see more info)

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1971 days ago

Celebrating gravity today, and Sir Isaac Newton. (Rollover logo to see more info)


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susanb45 1929 days ago

Perfect....Beautiful....inspiring to the eye

LunaTicket 1934 days ago

Doesn't work on my mac, either in Safari or Opera, even though gif prefs are on

angelguide1 1970 days ago

nice one magic!!i just want 2 take a bite!!

absprakash 1971 days ago

Awesome imagination!! Happy Bday Mr. Newton :)

Mme_Izzy 1971 days ago

Haha kool animation! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISAAC NEWTON!

Dunn4good 1971 days ago

For more infos → Google Doodle's Fallen Apple for Isaac Newton's Birthday → http://wp.me/pKsAE-t

realcrane 1971 days ago

nothing happened

mrdaditya 1971 days ago

wow, animation on google logo!! thats the first> really cool

ervisib 1971 days ago

one of the great poeple to walk the surface of earth, long he may be remebered.

Nuc134rB0t 1971 days ago

entonces vamos a hablar español jeje ahora que corriges tiene sentido. Era como muy pronto para decidir cual es la mejor del mes :)

rocibel 1971 days ago

I meant "It is the best I've seen in the past monthS" [ Sorry if my English is not perfect, I'm from Spain ]

rahul_powar 1971 days ago

Sweet.. I need one apple... :'(

DementedShaun 1971 days ago

Awesome !! gr8 idea guys

Ben_Nuttall 1971 days ago

Does it fall at 9.81ms^-2?

Ben_Nuttall 1971 days ago


Krubuntu 1971 days ago

He's not just a dead man, his discoveries affect all of our lives whether we know it or not. W/O Newton, there would be no Twitter.

esu2rick 1971 days ago

Doesn't work on Safari.

snitskiy 1971 days ago

it's my #birthday too = #isaacnewton & #snitskiy = world hold on!

FoxAssassin91 1971 days ago

Why are we all saying happy birtday to a dead man?