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There has been a breach is security at the Newark airport

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2573 days ago

There has been a breach is security at the Newark airport


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missflagg 2572 days ago

yet another reason to never fly out of newark.

BRothenberg 2572 days ago


HiMYSYeD 2573 days ago

Waldo. Centre Left, under Exit sign.

Deidre2222 2573 days ago

No one seems worried. Are they giving something away for free

Richnere 2573 days ago

How did the guy even pass security through the exit lane. There is always at least one guard on duty watching.

tommy4usa 2573 days ago

looks like the Health Care lines of christmas future or a florida airport during the storm season look at the carbon footprint of those folks

lisaliebelt 2573 days ago

mother-in-law update: flights are being confirmed and she will make it out of there tonight

apzafarnia 2573 days ago


fmome 2573 days ago

Goodness! Kudos to the photographer.

qtcat 2573 days ago

Good "Placement" advertising for CNBC News.

qtcat 2573 days ago

How can anyone be found in this crowd?

tlcsmith130 2573 days ago

My son is in that mess...somewhere.

JuanoBano 2573 days ago

YEEEAAAAAHHHH..... we're not going ANYWHERE! Thanks alot idiot who ran through security! I hope they find you and beat the shit out of you till you die!!!

cybergal99 2573 days ago

Wait..isn't this INSIDE the security area...see Gate 70 in background. When will we have high speed rail in the NE Corridor????

the_turtle 2573 days ago

Holy crud.

krpenn 2573 days ago

TSA says happens all the terrorist here

theprivate 2573 days ago

So now a terrorist can kill many more people because they're cramped in a small space!

krpenn 2573 days ago

Didn't have these problems before 9/11, only after when were preparing to attack another country

dimplemonkey 2573 days ago

I would hate to go to the bathroom right now!