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Lazy beach day

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2153 days ago

Lazy beach day


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MikaelaEspina 2123 days ago

it's - 16 degrees and snowing here. wanna trade? ha :D

Angelique243 2127 days ago

I'm so jealous!!! Here in the Netherlands its freezing..... brrrr not nice!!!

SiobhanDarke 2151 days ago

Ahh so lucky to have sun, Im snowed in :( x

inviincible 2151 days ago


inviincible 2151 days ago

luckey you! :) I'm kind of jealous.. In my coutry we have -15C and alot of snow (sweden)

ShaleenG 2152 days ago

I was just in Cabo for the past two weeks. Beautiful.

kohoney 2152 days ago

_MerimaRamic i am like in the same position :D i have snow too :P but in poland ;) I love sand but I just can't imagine christmas without cold and snow :D

ItsMeriR 2152 days ago

Awww so jealous, we have snow here in sweden!

paige_clark 2152 days ago

awww man! this is just depressing! its -15C right now and thats on a GOOD day! so jealous!

LickChick 2153 days ago

that looks like a nice beach. Your so lucky "Suck It!!"

amazingKriztie 2153 days ago

we have awsome beaches here in florida but no mountians lol

DoraLeigh 2153 days ago

You're on a beach in January and I have 4 ft. snow drifts outside my door in Kansas. So jealous.

leahferraro 2153 days ago

What beach is this??? It is sooo pretty!

jnklover61 2153 days ago

Wow lucky there's snow on the ground here in pennsylvania

Niinastar 2153 days ago

i can't believe u can see mountains by this beach

The_Ogur 2153 days ago

We need to see more pics of you!!

Gelix3 2153 days ago

Summer, sun, beach and sea :)

miss_sixdee 2153 days ago

wow my view consists of mountains of snow!!!! i wish i was there instead haha

Lakitty187 2153 days ago

I Wish I was there!!! Am in NJ n it feels like it's in the negative bbrrrrr

AmyLyn7 2153 days ago

Oh, what I would give to be surrounded by that right now. :-/