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Inevitably, I start sketching wonder woman absent mindedly these days

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2430 days ago

Inevitably, I start sketching wonder woman absent mindedly these days


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nowicantlose 2405 days ago

You know, I would buy wonder woman if you wrote and/or drew it. There's no real draw right now.

Ensvey 2418 days ago

Are you aware of BBWW? Maybe you can have the first submission of 2010! http://bit.ly/ZZpP

andriued 2423 days ago

I wanna see WW wear some boots made by the KISS elves!

rockkevinrock 2425 days ago

Your WW sketches are always a riot. Have you done any with her invisible plane yet?

Garbles 2426 days ago

Lately I've taken to yelling "WHAT" to answer my phone. I want to say your WW inspired it, but I'm not sure why

Wondertrash 2427 days ago

She's a 'cultural icon'!

pfangirl 2427 days ago

I would totally read a full length Kate Beaton Wonder Woman story:)

Werebears 2428 days ago

Those boots!

melmothulhu 2428 days ago

"Where the *hell* did I leave my whip?"

no1unozzz 2429 days ago

No offense, but clearly you're she.

YaelMaritz 2429 days ago

You should maybe do a guess panel over at Wonderella (nonadventures.com) :D

hippenmoor 2429 days ago

Did you ever read Kingdom Come? This is exactly how Wonder Woman felt.

poetactics 2430 days ago

I love the expression on her face. WW is annoyed!

greatjoebivins 2430 days ago

Wonder Woman is so much more fun as a burnt out cynic.

DukeOfCookies 2430 days ago

Mat I just say I love your interpretation of WW? She's that one crazy bitch that the other JL members KNOW not to mess with, but it's never shown...