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Could be the best part of coming home. #whatisgibsondoing

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2368 days ago

Could be the best part of coming home. #whatisgibsondoing


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P3EvieHalliwell 1781 days ago


jtabler420 2293 days ago

thats me the dog i wish she would kiss me to1 3/19/20010 friday!

hmcnumber1fans 2366 days ago

awe! thats cute! when are you guys going to do that to a REAL baby?

LadyLoveDisdain 2366 days ago

Aww, that's an adorable picture! She's a beautiful doggy you have there, Alyssa!

lisisi 2367 days ago

...amazing picture! Love it, gives such a sense of peace and serenity! You're a lucky couple, so in love... and Gibson in the luckiest dog alive I think!

Bless789 2367 days ago

Such a cute picture

MidoriShizen 2367 days ago

:) gibson hi is so lucky and you too

Scott_Hobbs2000 2367 days ago

Too cute !!

patholeme 2368 days ago

AW ! adorable pic ! ur dog is so cute ! :) xoxo

Cheryls_fangirl 2368 days ago

Alyssa,ur sooo like me. I hold my chi the same way and kiss her. Chihuahuas are so sweet.

DarceyLP 2368 days ago

Awww, so CUTE !!

Anianka86 2368 days ago

Oh... They are SO SWEET!

Kowka89 2368 days ago

so sweet!

naomy_mcscene 2368 days ago

OMG! U'R so cute! :) Gibson & Alyssa 4ever!

mcfan85 2368 days ago

So cute and adorable !!!!!

Joanne_La 2368 days ago

so adorableee :)

Phoebe1_ 2368 days ago

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Sooooo cute!!!!!!!!! The best pic and wallpaper on my computer!!!! I love this pic!!! :)

lovelyelena89 2368 days ago

wow,good dog =)))))))

no_reason7 2368 days ago

I love Gibson, he's absolutely adorable. How old is he?

PoshLopez 2368 days ago

CAPITALS...yes, capitAls XD