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and another...

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2153 days ago

and another...


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ElaJones94 1924 days ago

haha!!! lol.

sazy567 2014 days ago

awwww how sweet getting a nice kiss of charlie

_SilverPhoenix 2058 days ago

I really want the t-shirt . . . I wudn't mind the man still in it too ;o) x

lilTashieee 2107 days ago

Aww this is adorable :) your dog is really cute
Love you JB x

wolfchasing 2108 days ago

Your dog is absolutely gorgeous!! I wish my grubby mutts were that pretty (but I still love them, even though they've rolled in something at the moment.)

ValeMalumGirl 2109 days ago

(note to self : find a way to transform into a cocker spaniel when next near John Barrowman) Aaaaaaw, bless!! I also miss my dog now.....

CosmicSnow21 2115 days ago

Very sweet

ooFusseloo 2141 days ago

That dog is soooo nice :)

TrishK7 2147 days ago

I love a man that loves his dogs. My JRT, Callie kisses his daddy like that.

Dreschy 2147 days ago

a kiss! i want a kiss too xDD ♥ cute

torchwoodfan 2150 days ago

Awwww! My cat always kisses me like that! XD

cat666woman 2150 days ago

boys :)

yetanotherpearl 2150 days ago

with my bad eyes that looks like half naked baseball..that plane is lovely..*sends cuddles to charlie and harris and cj* :)

bealey_12345 2152 days ago

oh look at charlie so loves u

caljohno 2152 days ago

Love this pic soo cute xx

JBmmmm 2152 days ago

Just adorable.....both of you. how lucky you are charlie! very happy new year John. thanks for making my 2009 and now 2010 esp as you've discovered twitter! x

Sallyxoxo 2152 days ago

Aww JB, This pic is adorable. Thanks for sharing. xo

Jeniwren7 2152 days ago

Cocker Spaniels are so happy and loving. Mine is soooo daft :) Totaly agree, doggie kisses make any day brighter! X

silverice3 2153 days ago

Doggie kisses can make any day brighter. Wonderful!

jbloverxx 2153 days ago

aww john i love u!!! xx gosh i can't stop smiling! :) adorable !