Kathy Griffin


Two-time Emmy award and Grammy award-winning comedian. Coming to a city near YOU! For ticket info and to purchase tickets, click on the link above.

Did I change my twit profile pic?  Oh well, here I go

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2462 days ago

Did I change my twit profile pic? Oh well, here I go


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ImamuelJoao 1400 days ago

Natural thing is help us .

RIHANNAcb65 1855 days ago

She like so hot !! Go girl

AnnRosaAmazonQT 2227 days ago

Lady the trophy's beautiful and it was nice you brought your Emmy's out to play as well.

sandra_lugo 2229 days ago

Wow he is one hunky guy, too bad he is one of yours.

property_pusher 2229 days ago

And yes, I am fully aware that my previous post is loaded with double entendres. ;o)

property_pusher 2229 days ago

Ooooh, yummy. If this were my photo I would blow it up 100x bigger and mount it over my fireplace.

LiquidLola 2310 days ago

What a dreamboat...

karih21 2315 days ago

The dude is handsome....you should make your move on him...unless he's married then don't.

lyly92704 2315 days ago

Cooper? You guys would make a cute and very handsome couple

annieoakley1940 2320 days ago

You look super skinny in this pic!

melissagerman 2437 days ago

is all kinds of FINE!! You are a lucky, lucky woman to be that close to Sir Hotness.

FAKE_SEVARG02 2448 days ago

you got a nice booty going on.

Berto_OnLine 2452 days ago

Not 1...but TWO!!!

Daly1027 2452 days ago

Love this! You look so tiny!

Lakeshoregal 2453 days ago

Kathy.. you don't want to share your toys with Coop? He may not come back & play again!

Tigerfluff 2454 days ago

you look fantastic!!

AnjaDior 2454 days ago

Love this picture! You are one lucky lady :-)

yizzzzy 2455 days ago

he's hot!!

kdhales 2455 days ago

Nice boots!

christine751 2456 days ago

i crieed tears of sadness before during and after my mother died and then i caught one of your specials on bravo and they quickly turned into hysterical tears of joy and laughter...thank you for getting me through the hardest time of my life!!!