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Happy new year from Hawaii. @bellaarmstrong, @gracearmstrong, and @lukearmstrong saw this whale today. Wow.

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2310 days ago

Happy new year from Hawaii. , , and saw this whale today. Wow.


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davidwalker_vk2 2239 days ago

That's it Lance. Now just reel him in.

yenrod 2301 days ago

Incredible !

lilred345 2302 days ago

that is so beautiful

Gonzalo_DAngelo 2303 days ago

woooww, beautiful

photoROMY 2303 days ago


JohNNyCleY 2303 days ago

Whispii Taly-ban finder/prince

Waikoloa_Gal 2304 days ago

That looks like Capt. Dan McSweeney's photo. Amazing guy-- follows the whales from Kona up to Alaska & back.

dirtmistress 2306 days ago

I think I've seen that pic somewhere before. Ntl. Geographic perhaps?

Michel_64 2307 days ago

Are you sure it isn't Mart Smeets?

Jan_Chmelar 2307 days ago

Happy new year Lance. Great photo :-)

asicsrunner 2308 days ago

Happy New Year Bella Grace and Luke, thank you for this pic. it's wonderfull.

LarryBirdy 2309 days ago

Here's a good tip; get the movie "Whale Rider" for the kids. They will love it!

NatureMaven 2309 days ago

You are a man of many talents, great whale photo! #photography

Aloha_Ice 2309 days ago

Think you have to loose some weight Lance!

ste960 2309 days ago

lovely pic

StArG4zEr 2309 days ago

Amazing shot! Of particular interest to methinks.

andreasbode 2309 days ago

woooh - Great Photo! Good save the whales and any other animals on the planet earth!

maineroad 2309 days ago

Life looks great for this fella

alisinfield 2309 days ago

woah! amazing :)

AxDxAx 2309 days ago

My two favourite charities, Livestrong & Sea Shepards, a great pic which will bring a smile to many faces around the world, Happy New Year to you and your Family from New Mills , England...