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Hey nerds: why didn't you ever tell me about this? It's so fun. #settlersofcatan

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1818 days ago

Hey nerds: why didn't you ever tell me about this? It's so fun. #settlersofcatan


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DirtyPiGGuin 1755 days ago

Some strategic googling told me this was called Settlers of Catan.

Nanni_An 1814 days ago

It's a great game, i'm surprised you didn't heard of it until now.

yooder 1817 days ago

We thought you knew! Settlers is awesome! A good way for me to have spent many a Saturday afternoon with my friends.

blessedbyacurse 1817 days ago

i've only played the online version, i should get the irl kind, lol

CommonplaceBook 1818 days ago

Best game EVER! But you seriously must play it with the Cities and Knights expansion, it is much more challenging and entertaining. :)

RidingTheWave_ 1818 days ago

I always lose...ALWAYS...always.

TheZulla 1818 days ago

I just discovered this game for myself, that's why I didn't tell you about it, personally :D

BetiseNautique 1818 days ago

Just bought the Seafarers expansion pack tonight. It's an addictive game, be careful! :D

funkminister 1818 days ago

We thought you knew!

alyssabender1 1818 days ago

For serious, this game is awesome. "Ticket to Ride" is another good one.

joshlama 1818 days ago

you should also play Apples to Apples!

MegTao 1818 days ago

I own this game, but I've never played it. RISK is a long enough game for me.

DarthJader11 1818 days ago

telestrations is better.

Alexvawter 1818 days ago

You should try Carcassonne too! It's a good one!

meissucha 1818 days ago

oh I know! I have this and an additional "set" that allows 6-7 players to play! Catan is AWESOME! :D

YeahTisAmanda 1818 days ago

what game is this? it looks interesting

SunkenLane 1818 days ago

Love that game!!!

elsworthnea 1818 days ago

What game is that>

ehmeeee 1818 days ago

ooh my sister's friend has this game. i think i'd like to play it somtime

Pippanie 1818 days ago

looks fun