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Oh my god the wings on fire!

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1705 days ago

Oh my god the wings on fire!


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nikki_revel 1301 days ago

o.o thaatt looks.... nasty XD

MonkeyAtHeart 1691 days ago

mmmm hot wings. plus, those plates are awesome!

tainaCordeiro 1701 days ago

Errr !! who lost his fingers? XD guys you eat it for real? the horrible part comes to Brazil that the food here and at least prettier xxx

AlenaYana 1702 days ago

that look like dog-food, I think.

kduranki 1702 days ago


samuelROKKAH 1704 days ago

Laura, its still food. Even if it does look disgusting you should it eat. No you should just give it to your dog or your FISH!

LauraGomesT 1705 days ago

it looks disgusting :s

Mary_Prescott 1705 days ago

oh my god! thats great. lol...just made my day...lol.

SaraDarlingxo 1705 days ago

oh man those look so gross! haha.

SerafineDream 1705 days ago

Dude East Coast Subs? Kickin'.

twilight_BDnews 1705 days ago

BON APPETITE BOY'S, good luck when u go #2 lol.

nniikkiid 1705 days ago

Whats up with the cut pink plate? lol

SpunkRansomette 1705 days ago

umm...whos the tiny man photo bombing???

javiera8 1705 days ago

those look bad!!!! ooh noo!!!! no is good!

Twilight_Spice 1705 days ago

OMG!! Those look soooo good.

samuelROKKAH 1705 days ago

Oh I just got what you mean :D HAHA. I HAVE PUDDING AND YOU DON'T! HAHA.

PiscesAmy 1705 days ago

They look really good..enjoy!!

DizziBlnde 1705 days ago

Errr wtf is up with the pink plates boys?

Pendyme 1705 days ago

Dude...is that a Barbie plate? Seriously?

Lauziita 1705 days ago

yummy yummy!! jajaja ^^ so funny