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1857 days ago


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kinzvlle 1846 days ago

aww his frist shrit finnley no one wants a naked baby

TheFirstLink 1847 days ago

lol fire breathing dino

CGCShadowz 1853 days ago

Thats cool

curlyzzq 1855 days ago

Thats cute! I like the dragon!

xAzianxPridex 1855 days ago

cryosero? o wait i get it cry lol

CronosDageII 1856 days ago

Maybe. Tip: If you post ideas for usernames, someone else here might register them. ~

caeel 1856 days ago

What's Jack's username gonna be? Cryosero?

DEALWITHEET 1856 days ago


WalrusWorld 1857 days ago

I need one of those...No joke

thelordsofdf 1857 days ago

were can i get one?

Hokoko 1857 days ago

lol a fire breathing dino, nice

Robot_Tweets 1857 days ago

Dinosaurs, nice choice. =P

Javiersito2 1857 days ago

I just feel like running to the store and buy him tons of toys and clothes then send them to you so Jack gets a lot of stuff :)

lord_of_anarchy 1857 days ago

get him a special 1 of a kind baby sized save chuckles shirt i can so see it its so hilarious

AqwAddi 1857 days ago

Nice shirt for you little "Jack"!

Darksiin 1857 days ago

Lol, nice shirt, I'd bet he'd love it if... well, He could talk .-.

ForsahenAQW 1857 days ago

Guys, if Cysero buys him a left sock, he won't have a right one!

ANAneychik 1857 days ago

I beg you to get him a Slayer layette! :)

DiablezzoAE 1857 days ago

One for YOU and one for Jack?
I do not think it looks that good on grown ups. Especially not the ending.

LamepantsAQW 1857 days ago

Cute, maybe you should buy him a left sock too? xD