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We posed for a picture with Corey from Slipknot.  We had to tell him to put his thumb IN for heavy Metal.

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2230 days ago

We posed for a picture with Corey from Slipknot. We had to tell him to put his thumb IN for heavy Metal.


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XHighOneX 2190 days ago

Big guys need to support eachother, right?? :)
"DOG ON" :)

XHighOneX 2190 days ago

Hey Penn, I know that sounds weird but I need your old suits.I'm assuming that you have a lot of them since you are in showbiz :)
Tell me what to do to get some of them.I'm asking for myself.I can't find my size here and can't afford a decent tailor.Big

guinnevere 2208 days ago

I think it's hang ten. From the 80s. Shoot the curl, kitty.

xx12gaChristxx 2216 days ago

actually no one is doing it right, if penn turned his palm out then it would be "metal" but corey doing it wrong is very sad

pepperintime 2218 days ago

I am SO happy to know that someone else in the world has a problem with the thumb erection in this hand sign.

johnontweets 2229 days ago

stone sour and slipknot rocks corey taylor is a metal god penn&teller should do a show with slipknot how fun would that be

DonnaGlaser 2230 days ago

Corey is showing the "I Love You" in sign language. It means NOTHING more people! It is not related, at ALL to Pagan ritual. Much less a curse sign! Yikes! It does not matter if Corey's hand is facing outward or inward. It means I Love You!

BrotherArson 2230 days ago

notes, Corey is flashing the hand sign for Kappa Kappa Psi, National Honorary Fraternity for College Bandmembers Inc.
Penn is actually doing the hand sign for Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.
If Corey turns his hand palm out = "I Love You" in American S

Jpump 2230 days ago

mahalo for the aloha corey but...we're not in oahu anymore.

NeonNero 2230 days ago

And yes, Corey does it wrong. Penn is flashing the Floppie the Banjo Clown hand puppet correctly.

NeonNero 2230 days ago

Yes, Penn IS that frikkin' huge, I saw him in person when I was in Vegas this summer. Teller is about my size, and I'm about 5'7" (171 cm). I have photos.

adkpirate 2230 days ago

: The "horns" have a basis in stregheria (old italian pagan beliefs) and were a form of curse or curse repellent of sorts...
See Ronnie James Dio or Gene Simmons to see how it got into Rock N Roll legends.

tishalulle1 2230 days ago

Penn is a giant but Corey is also quite short

AmerCash 2230 days ago

It´s not Corey that is small, its Penn that is an gigant.

TheDaveShow 2230 days ago

I was suprised by how small and actually somewhat normal looking Corey is without the Slipknot get up.

faithinthehouse 2230 days ago

I just think Penn's hot!! That's all.

Nine11c2 2230 days ago

The sign Corey is makiing means I Love You. The thumb in - well, I searched for it, and have no idea what the dude means. To me, two fingers like that is a (perceived) cool way of pointing..

alexxswanson 2230 days ago

Penn, you are my hero! +1 to avocado_love's comment \m/

Avocado_Love 2230 days ago

There's just something so deeply amusing about Penn getting the metal sign right.

VoiceofJettie 2230 days ago

it looks like he's just to shy to say how he really feels and only hand gestures can get his point across. :]