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this is the only official ashlee simpson twitter. "click your heels three times and think of me...chick-a-boom"

miss painting on our your self hay hay hay hay

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2042 days ago

miss painting on our your self hay hay hay hay


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danthlover 1850 days ago

haha "hay hay hay hay " :P

ACLDude 1900 days ago

I'm Tony, deep singing voice, songwriting since I was 18, Singing since I was 14. Mid 20's now. I am good at writing love songs. Wrote 3 for my girl. 1 girl only "True Love" been with.

ACLDude 1900 days ago

I got rejected 10 times by record companies in the last 3 years. 1 more left Interscope/Tennman Records Justin Timberlake label.

ACLDude 1900 days ago

Nice, I am a songwriter and singer "Pop Rock". Your #1 fan you remind me of myself, I am a guy.

TormentedSugar 1975 days ago

I love art

amandajlive 1988 days ago

It looks 3D...

ItsKateMary 1998 days ago

I like it!

XGinaGirlX 2007 days ago

I like it!

3eyedwonderkid 2007 days ago

Did your baby son paint that?

LittleZoombie_ 2010 days ago


ashleyjmiller87 2015 days ago

Awesome, I like :) good job!

Anfedres 2019 days ago

hay hay hay you are talkin way to much!!!!! smash
:) this pic looks like a jean
haha this girl is lovely :)

_rufina_ 2028 days ago


worldofcolour 2028 days ago

cool :D

backtomullingar 2028 days ago

i love it haha, i love you girl :)

AliaaDashti 2029 days ago

LOL !! love it ;Pp~

jasonbechtold 2029 days ago

Add me on here.

ChildOfTheRift 2034 days ago

a mouth. Cool. Some times weired things show up in paintings and are unintentional. Its very good tho. I love it xxx

ChildOfTheRift 2034 days ago

Oh I love it, very abstracted. I do see half a face down in the right hand corner of the foreground.. Just up form the right hand corner.. kinda looks like half a face, like the face is obscured, by some of the paint but I can make out closed eyes and a m

claytonrayborn 2034 days ago

i don't mean to be a groupie but... ASHLEE SIMPSON-WENTZ KICKS ASSSSS!!! WOoOoT BAM!#!@