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i need a bio so u dont think im a fake but i need a phrase to rhyme with cookies, chocolate & cake... cos i love cake. well, sugar in general. thanks. :)

sledding 2night w/ the nieces and nephew!

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2430 days ago

sledding 2night w/ the nieces and nephew!


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salmaa03 1868 days ago

I wish I was that kid...... what a nice uncle :D

_TheMoi_ 1987 days ago

so cute :)

AlexPTrofimuk 2122 days ago cute. <3 Too bad I'm the oldest in my family. You're lucky to have nieces and nephews.

Florequis 2243 days ago

Suuuchh a cute photo. I'm also part of the "young uncles and aunties group" hahaha.

chocolatesomuch 2248 days ago

WOW, what a nice uncle you are!

wakeentiretown 2254 days ago

Lucky nieces and nephews! :D

ceLeste182 2386 days ago

Tu no sabes quien soy yo. No se quien eres tú. ¿Y en realidad quien sabe que somos los dos? . Y yo como una secuestradora, TE PERSIGO POR AMOR, aunque tu no sepas mi dirección mi apellido y mi voz ni la clave de mi corazón. Alguien te quiere, alguien te e

ceLeste182 2405 days ago

you're my endless love :$ .

ceLeste182 2405 days ago


ceLeste182 2405 days ago

aaaaaaw *-* soooo cute !! ,.froom Argentina ♥

arsenal_1988 2416 days ago

It's so sweet....

juice611 2428 days ago

this is super cute =)

n1koleta 2429 days ago

awww the cutest pic ever!! love you kevin!

Jones_McAwesome 2429 days ago


amiraexoxo 2430 days ago

this is one of the cutest things i've ever seen. =]

margie_999 2430 days ago

NOT FAIR. I'm two cities down from you and the snow didn't even stick!...awe. Well at least you had fun. :]

stevie_yost 2430 days ago

Aww! Kevin, this is the cutest pic.
I hope you had fun :0)

teamvoldemort 2430 days ago

aw how presh! that just made me smile. sledding is bombb.

violettay 2430 days ago

lol! That's so cute! :D

GleekOmayra 2430 days ago

aww how lovely is that :) Looks like your having a good time being a hot uncle XP