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That dude behind me reaaaally likes his chicken wings

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1916 days ago

That dude behind me reaaaally likes his chicken wings


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ZachsMind 1620 days ago

The camera adores The camera has good taste.

MattAndre 1653 days ago

Now -that- is one adorable smile :-) But yet so deliciously evil! <3

Screaminweasel 1662 days ago


Jezzabythesea 1845 days ago

umm...that came out wrong (said the actress......) the 'not' is not welcome! :-))

Jezzabythesea 1845 days ago

He's prob desperate not to pretend he hasn't noticed the total hottie sitting in front of him lol ;-)

Intactus 1859 days ago

I love how intensely he's staring at the wing. It's like... He wants to rule the world with it.

monicasuatean 1860 days ago

You are so beautiful! I really liked your acting in Stargate Atlantis. I'm a big fan of the show and of yours. Good luck!!!

JStaiteLoverRus 1899 days ago

You're beautiful in photos without makeup, please add more.

JStaiteLoverRus 1901 days ago

The most beautiful girl in the world

terriberlin 1910 days ago

okay, so I'm not the only one who thinks that looks like Michael Ironside, and the girl in front is shiny gorgeous.

John1Baker 1911 days ago

Classic!! I bet he's thinking "This wing is mine.. all mine... don't even ASK me to share..." :)

dankeeler128 1913 days ago

Chicken orgasm, strange... Jewel, incredibly shiny...

shellerinka 1915 days ago

chicken orgasm. shiny

wakelym 1916 days ago

Dude behind you?...I don't see any dude! ;)

_Elaineland_ 1916 days ago

LOL!! It's like he's having the most wonderful experience of his life!

binman624 1916 days ago

That's a heck of a big wing! Looks like a great day in paradise. Have a great New Year Jewel

Kalanth 1916 days ago

Damn straight, chicken wings are awesome! I order myself some at least once a month.

ropo 1916 days ago

*giggle* ... I do nothing but pretend to take photos of friends while snapping someone else surreptitiously!

MD_2389 1916 days ago

Does this mean that you're going to stalk me if I eat wings in public? ;)

Pigfarmer65 1916 days ago

Missing out on great wings is one of the tragedies of being a vegetarian. That is why I fell so sorry for them.