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Check out my new Mirrored Louis Bag...

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2073 days ago

Check out my new Mirrored Louis Bag...


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CityDreamer_ 2030 days ago

im jealous! ):

LoveForeverKay 2071 days ago

I want this bag, it's gorgeous!

tabgirl15 2072 days ago

It's on her right peoples?!?! Duh! And does any one else notice that juicy bag in the background?? Omg I luv that store!

ambermooo 2072 days ago

It is a mirror, but it couldn't possible be her left hand because her thumb would still be on the other side - look at the picture before this, she's wearing the same ring on the right hand! It's gorgeous (and the bag is, too) btw :)

EmEmEmily13 2072 days ago

actually it is her left hand....its a mirror..look at the floor.

MsTeeStein 2072 days ago

haha..the rings clearly on her right hand....

HumanKarenPoon 2072 days ago

i second the question below I

jennycaindance 2072 days ago

ummmm, am I the only one who noticed the gigantic ring???? Do Tell....!!

lexilynne97 2072 days ago

ohhhh i see you hit up juicy couture (love their purfume)

lornadoone198 2073 days ago

am8253, i don't think thats an engagement ring. im am pretty sure that is her right hand. engagement rings go on the left. lol

BKGunn 2073 days ago

Must be nice to buy a bag like that .... My Hubby needs a job !

NikkiMcIntosh 2073 days ago

SO GORGEOUS!! also love the JC shopping bag you got there, haha I think I have at least 10 of those saved.

am8253 2073 days ago

OMG am I the only one that noticed her ring?! Are you engaged?

janetmclark 2073 days ago

cool purse!

skimom322 2073 days ago

Love the bag!

Bubblylicious 2073 days ago

Girl you are so lucky! I wish I could afford something like this. Any old bag you wanna pass over =)

kaylagreene13 2073 days ago

love love the ring to!

CillaMuchwanca 2073 days ago

ok im so jealous i also see a juicy couture bag i want that bag in hot pink!

teachtoday 2073 days ago

Where is Pixie?? don't see her in the purse!

teachtoday 2073 days ago

love it, kelly!!