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From chimps to champs

Tonights set list :)

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2491 days ago

Tonights set list :)


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MonkeyAtHeart 2475 days ago

oooh can you play this exact playlist on Sunday in Vancouver?? At least the top two. those are my favorites! :D

deptiana 2484 days ago

the first song I heard was smok monkeys 100 and the second was ugly girl
jajajjajja is very funny video of that song :)

LauraGomesT 2489 days ago

Ugly Girl - my favorite

samuelROKKAH 2489 days ago

I got chased by a chicken.

RinGirl 2489 days ago

Nice ;)

jasmino_o 2489 days ago

Mayo - naise! So glad I got to dance with bananager to .38 special. And thank you for the lullaby, its stuck in my head! You guys are nothing short of AMAZING

LovesToSmile18 2489 days ago

Made Up Song!! That one was my favorite!

OcranSanabu 2489 days ago

Gus is my favorite song! Every day I ask God to see you interpret it here in Spain! Come soon, guys! I dream of seeing you live!

MonkeyLove91 2489 days ago

loooove all songs hehe

just_Daaph 2490 days ago


katiboo24 2490 days ago

i love pretty much all those songs...what was the improv one about that night?

Moekabear 2490 days ago

Plllleeeaasseee come back to Canada! Specifically Nova Scotia! :D

Bambinaty 2491 days ago


Mary_Prescott 2491 days ago

East cooast! Need dates so I can get tickets...hehe! Love you guys!

heyynikkifiske 2491 days ago

East Coast dates, soon?! loveee Orson & Keep awake :)

MAE_Mom 2491 days ago

Any day now you'll be in Indiana/Ohio and I'll be there!!!! That is one great set list!!

Lawn_Girl 2491 days ago

Hurry up and make it to the east coast...we're getting restless....

vodkachick77 2491 days ago

looking gd guys! enjoy! lots of love from Australia

JustjustineLise 2491 days ago

well that beats my night by a factor of 10...fantastic set list.

0tigerlily0 2491 days ago

I am stoked for whenever you guys are playing Milwaukee. =D