i pick up dog shit all day long, but at night i rock-n-roll.

Yes that guy def looks like a "guitar player" and if he says it's good you'd better damn well buy it.

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2403 days ago

Yes that guy def looks like a "guitar player" and if he says it's good you'd better damn well buy it.


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MCR_erin 2067 days ago

lol wtf i love it when stupid people make adds for shit :L

ReGLuna 2329 days ago

hahahahahaa OMG so funny.. if i try as hard i could ill maybe be so good as him... O__O the happiest day of my life ;_;

Sayraaa8D 2336 days ago

Oh wow... If some random, anonymous, old guy playing the guitar told me to use this and I'd be as cool as him, I better to it O.o (Sarcasm -.-')

MichelaChan 2348 days ago

Ohggod O_O Uhm... however it's true ._.

CaahDominguees 2357 days ago


myMCRime 2358 days ago

izz nicee!

abella_7 2362 days ago

OMG he look's like my uncle (?) XDD (trust me is true) and so cripie

ranncia 2374 days ago


amruth92 2377 days ago

What the hell? I looked on the website and they're like... 800 dollars. Why not just glue extra frets on a Squier or something?

CrissAnnWy 2382 days ago

i prefer guitars recomended for guitarrists like you is safer for me haha but the problem is that i'm poor and that sucks!

Dani_Salgado 2382 days ago


JackieAddams 2386 days ago

wow i like tweet the person who be for me.

uglygeek 2390 days ago

bad english drama is finally back!! this is so

im_jess_12 2391 days ago

If only things were like that, does that mean the kids that eat those sugar cereals will turn into the box characters. THERE WILL BE LIL TUCANS AND SUGAR CRISP BEARS EVERYWHERE!!

arphia_the 2393 days ago

Frankie, You can send me a photo of this Ours Lady who you have in the arm?

victorie_mor 2396 days ago


gee_y_lili 2399 days ago

feliz año nuevo...pastela geneal..y que todos tus deseos se cumplan...y FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS BOB!

JEFFS_CREATURE7 2400 days ago

returns??....... she needs to be put to sleep :P

JEFFS_CREATURE7 2400 days ago

meh i think ill past

TemporaryWounds 2400 days ago

Great, so returns, that's some dedication you've got going on there, fucktard.