i pick up dog shit all day long, but at night i rock-n-roll.

Goddamnit Jesus, would you quit stealing all that guys heroin?!?!

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2040 days ago

Goddamnit Jesus, would you quit stealing all that guys heroin?!?!


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diescolored 1366 days ago


rosiesquirtle 1620 days ago

typical jesus!

Briere06d 1662 days ago

0uph Hi take a look at

FunGh0ul 1702 days ago

I'm going to hell, thanks Frank lol

ItsMiaa 1826 days ago


MyChemicalCrazi 1854 days ago

Ohh I get it! Thats pic is deep o.o

SoriiBouvierWay 1870 days ago

omg..jesus haz tattoos :|

OoSerendipityoO 1877 days ago

Oh, I get it! When harming yourself, you're harming Jesus too because Jesus is apart of you . . . I went to Catholic school for way too long. >.> And they didn't even teach me how to tie a tie! D:

melissa_marks 1890 days ago

i think the msg was that jesus is taking it for him so the guy dont lol

RIPansy 1910 days ago

haha i dont think that was the message behind it silly

LetoVanityWay1 1912 days ago

I'm Christian and I laughed really hard... I feel I'm going to hell now. Thanks, Frank.

BTLDM 1939 days ago

El solo quiere sacarlo del abismo

RickyAFA 1946 days ago

Jesus is a Bad ass mother fucker, almost as cool as Morgan freeman who is right behind MCR

UncleBlaakfire 1949 days ago

More importantly why does this guy have a human skull on his bed side table?!?

slverfoxlover 1950 days ago

from a symbolic stand point it's very powerful

omgitskayla 1951 days ago

it's Jesus. if he needs his fix, he doesn't have to ruin this guy's day. He clearly needs the big rehab in the sky

suicide_bitch_x 1965 days ago

pmsl;L;L where is that?? lol i really wonna go se it :P you gotta be fucking nuts :P xx

ReGLuna 1966 days ago

hahaha XD jesus save us all now

VanessaNinaG 1973 days ago

haha! its funny!

scrunchomatic 1975 days ago

I think this picture is really kinda cool...The artist probably meant for it to be symbolic...suggesting jesus is there to take the fall and catch us at our lowest points