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I know u wanna laugh go ahead.  And remember i am KAZAAm. Lmfao

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1572 days ago

I know u wanna laugh go ahead. And remember i am KAZAAm. Lmfao


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sorinzo84 756 days ago

thought that movie was cool and still is cool

MisterKa888 877 days ago

I hope you have 1 desire for us

sweetlikeecandy 1129 days ago

i used to love that movie! haha

Bramborail 1261 days ago

nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Beebsbaby 1263 days ago

I Loved Dis Movie they Dont Even Play It On Disney Channel No More

JUS42NYT 1263 days ago

SMH.... I would have NEVER dug this one back up!

3inaROshonsFans 1263 days ago

I use to watch this movie like 10 million times a day. oh Good times good times. My favorite part was when you sang in the

Muchaaaa 1528 days ago

This Is Great Movies ;)

tzzie 1561 days ago

you should wear this to a game man

DIMIcurvasud 1563 days ago

c'mon shaq!!

DIMIcurvasud 1563 days ago

c'mon shaq!!

djspyral 1563 days ago

Ha, Shaq... you kill me man. I do security down at the Q where you guys get checked in up top. I'm callin you down as Kazaam next time I'm working the dock.

Josh_Fell 1568 days ago

"Hang on! I'm contagious, outrageous, spontaneous! You can't contain this. I am KAZAAM!"

Josh_Fell 1568 days ago

"Who dare to wake me? Ain't gonna mame this a mystery. Don't wanna do time on your wishes three. Watch it, boy! You don't want to dis me! Or I'll dish out my misery. Now. who's that sorry wanna-be that disturbed my z's? If you wanna be number one, I'm sor

Josh_Fell 1568 days ago

This should be the cav's warm ups

NEVABELOW 1568 days ago


shanedelarocha 1570 days ago

i used to love this movie!!

chepetron 1570 days ago

funny brother

MotzyPerez 1570 days ago

This was my Fav when i was a kid... i had the underwear lol