Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!


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1919 days ago



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hiddencook 1881 days ago

cycling has difinately given u everthing in life god bless u my man

barkersboobs 1898 days ago

You have got it all!

christinekona 1902 days ago

Great family shot sorry for the miss spelling posted be for I could correct it.

christinekona 1902 days ago

Great fiamly

Cora007xyz 1913 days ago

meant bags, shirts, wristbands and so on

Cora007xyz 1913 days ago

I would appreciate it, when a shoe-shop in Cologne would sell all your livestrong-shoes and shirts and bads and backpacks and so on and would buy it all as far as possible.

Cora007xyz 1913 days ago

Luke and Anna seem to wear the Livestrong-shoes and I wished that they were also to be bought here in Germany in more shops without Internet and creditcards. That would be better. Maybe you can do something in the future to improve the chance to buy here

larrybourgeois 1914 days ago

Tell me, my man, how does such a Super Hero, get to look like just a regular guy? :-) What a lovely family lance! Have an Awesomtastic 2010! LarryB

cu87tst 1915 days ago

Aloha, Lance. Welcome to my home state.'s been ages since my last visit to Kona...let's see, I was still in high school, back in the early 80s....

Cora007xyz 1917 days ago

I meant hat. Sorry. Al Capone also wore such hats, isnĀ“t it? You look like the real Patriarch, Boss of the Family in an old italian Movie, like a Mafia-Boss lol:) Just a Joke.

Cora007xyz 1917 days ago

My father had also always worn such oldfashioned huts 30 years ago...:)30 years ago all men always have worn such huts here in Germany. Butnice family-picture. The kids grow fast. Anna is very slim and beautifull. Luke will soon be as tall as you.

memoamezcua 1917 days ago

You should have a vacations in ixtapa-zihuatanejo Mex. I think you have good memories from my little beach town. Saludos

NJR50 1917 days ago

Aloha! Great family pics! Great Christmas present! Sun and shorts!

myhandsinmotion 1917 days ago

aloha yall hope you make it to kauai!!

Waikoloa_Gal 1917 days ago

How long will you be on island this time? If you're riding up in Kapa'au just past Hawi, drop in at Sammy D's for some ono grindz-- purple bldg. on mauka side of road. Good people.

adventurebiker 1918 days ago

See you when you blow by on Kaloko Lance, I'll be on the 20 year-old, blue Panasonic.

vonniesa 1918 days ago

Love Hawaii. Guess the weather there will help you prepare for our weather in SA. Enjoy your training there.

LarryBirdy 1918 days ago

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me.............

asicsrunner 1918 days ago

enjoy the time with your family. and then 2010 can come.

Furblicious 1918 days ago

Enjoy your time Lance, wish Holland was more like Hawai ;)