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My mom got me these for Xmas, original vintage from 1983

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2163 days ago

My mom got me these for Xmas, original vintage from 1983


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KatC_Mitchell 2132 days ago

You still love with your mom? hehe

TimKerrick 2156 days ago

that. is. awesome!

skatoolaki 2156 days ago

Omg, awesome! I so loved Fraggle Rock; these would be really neat to own - your Mom is tres cool.

AnnaBeatrix69 2158 days ago

are you kidding?? I wasn't born for another decade after '83 and I definitly know the Fraggles! =D

Totally jealous.

boogienycb 2158 days ago


niclovespumpkin 2158 days ago


jazzwriterchick 2159 days ago

Jealous doesn't describe it. Do they smell like 1983?

michelleYpalmer 2159 days ago


loususi 2159 days ago

what? no doozers? ;]


LadyDonDon 2160 days ago

Fraggle Rock rocked!

vardley 2160 days ago

I was 27 in 1983 and as a result I have no idea what those are. They are very cute, though.

chartulae 2160 days ago

Where's Mokey?

kdemerly 2160 days ago

Best. Mom. Ever.

Blaufeld 2161 days ago

You start to think to be quite old when someone calls "vintage" a thing from when you were seventeen...

AlphaLima 2163 days ago

That was suppose to be jealous in a HTML ish way but apparently that isnt allowed.

AlphaLima 2163 days ago


idelissa 2163 days ago

totally hip! my mom had no idea even back then!

maraudered 2163 days ago

your mom rocks.

bethwilliams_ 2163 days ago

Hell yeah.

virtualbiscuit 2163 days ago

I had Red + Wembly when I was little. . . I never was a huge fan of them only b/c they had a rough-ish texture. I love(d) me some Fraggles though!