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Best Xmas card i ever got...

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2047 days ago

Best Xmas card i ever got...


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TheLizzyEnd 1239 days ago


gabymcr100407 1402 days ago

Hahahahahahahahahha this is awesome! I want a xmas card just like that!

RUMWOLF_ 1410 days ago


DirtyRockstar_ 1571 days ago

I know i shouldn't find that funny but i do!

katyisnot0nfire 1712 days ago

you accutly got a card like that? awesome i want one lol

megam_mori 1764 days ago

cool!!! ;)

dtothefranco 1881 days ago

holy shit thats cool!

IzziePhilpott 1885 days ago

awww :)
It's quite cute once you look at it for a while :)

mcrJACKmcr 1922 days ago


MyDangerDaysMCR 1934 days ago

LOL, Very funny :D I'm rotflmfaobysst :P

HeartlessCookie 1943 days ago

poor kids!

youcanshutit 1944 days ago

hahahah awww feel bad for the kiddies!!:(

shirocker 1957 days ago

Lmfao "Love, Werewolf," like its really friendly xD

Kiellalah 1960 days ago

That is so sad. I feel srry for the little kids.

wellshanlike 1962 days ago

I am trying so hard not to rofl..

_chelsea_xo 1965 days ago

no the iero twins havnt even been born yet hah

Darknovelist 1965 days ago


whimsicalSun 1966 days ago

arcran 1968 days ago

Oh, brilliant. I'm getting my little (susceptible) sister this next year.

Mariisol 1973 days ago

you marry with me? I LOVE YOU ;9