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JackTheJaderJax 1821 days ago

Do you guys notice that the person Who the baby is holding is naked

LightningZStar 2386 days ago

Lol. Such a cute Baby!

SirValor666 2386 days ago

So wrinkly. :D

Bakura_Nebulae 2419 days ago

Did you get a baboon to hold him up at the end of a cliff like in the Lion King?

AlanzaDemonica 2419 days ago

He's a baby, it doesn't matter.

HSsai 2442 days ago

maybe u shouldnt of put his "thing" to should of blocked it cuz this is just weard X_X

Sephir0thAE 2472 days ago


TheFirstLink 2475 days ago

I would say "awwww" but babies aren't cute when they are first born...

SirValor666 2477 days ago

Uhhh I can see that...thing. >

Silllerrrr 2477 days ago

Seriously, why would you even look...

aqwkillssouls 2480 days ago

ummm.. a little body covering for him? i see his wee wee, gratz, and you should make a event that he is a npc and you do quests for him (like get his clothes for him...)

weaflex 2484 days ago

just kidding

weaflex 2484 days ago

i think im gonna hurl

GriefAE 2485 days ago

Can he be a mod? XD
And aww, he's so cute. :)

AQWRage 2485 days ago

Hey, congratz! Good luck parenting and updating the games.

CaiqueSant 2486 days ago

First person who gonna get free member without hack?!

Hokoko 2486 days ago

congrats, lets just hope he doesn't grow up to be an insane weapon smith that turned the the guardian tower into a fish (Cysero)

AqwAddi 2487 days ago

Ah, make him a NPC =3

runescapehero 2488 days ago

congrats Cysero for your son.this needs a party!

kundimanaqw 2488 days ago

Nice kid Cysero Congratulations