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Living the good life

Guys? Life's tough.

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2233 days ago

Guys? Life's tough.


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JStaiteLoverRus 2215 days ago

JewelStaite the most beautiful girl in the world...

John1Baker 2231 days ago

Maui! Well hate to one up ya in a picture.. but I'm in Kauai right now... equally tough! :)

EdEargle 2232 days ago

Hopefully, 2010 will be a better year for you, ma'am. ;)

Ayriana2283 2232 days ago

Wow! That's beautiful! You're so lucky to be in nice weather for the holidays. Merry Xmas!

mustelidmama 2233 days ago

The closes I can get to this is memories of my childhood in Florida. I miss it!

walter3ca 2233 days ago

I feel so sorry for you. Your life really sucks.

valeriemeachum 2233 days ago

Just watched the DVD I gave my parents w/ pics & video from our Kona trip in Sept. Miss it!!

deblease 2233 days ago

That is what I want to see out my window, not the piled up snow that's out there now.

chakaxd 2233 days ago

Ugh, palm trees, clear water, and clear skies? I'll take my Blizzard of 2009 anytime -- LOL! Looks nice. :) Merry x-mas

Saxster 2233 days ago

Just hideous.

Richie__Ryan 2233 days ago

Swell digs.

WeaverofStories 2233 days ago

That is a beautiful place.

ayzsky 2233 days ago

Oooh, nice!

WeaverofStories 2233 days ago

That is a very bueatful place.

mudshark58 2233 days ago

Niiice! :D Looks familiar. Paia?

ChristoperW 2233 days ago

What a beautiful sight...

LaurieLeeV 2233 days ago

I know.....breathing in all that fresh air is just tough - lol :)

angelad85 2233 days ago

That looks a little like what I just finished painting!! Too beautiful! :)

Galaxy_Dallas 2233 days ago

Yes, Fillion has been rubbing it in too!

weirdgirl5685 2233 days ago

That is one beautiful sight. Where is that?