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1759 days ago


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RavenHarlequin 1708 days ago

Nice hat.(: And happy birthday!!! :DDD

iloveteller 1739 days ago

u're awesome :)

vaunderbroad 1750 days ago

Quetzal feathers used to be used as currency in Central America.
I would never cut down an x mas tree but we have a woven tree from Guatemala I figure if pagan natives can have a Feliz Navidad(woven into the hanging) so can Pagan I:)

GoJoTV 1754 days ago

You're saying "Quetzalcoatl" was a Mexican showgirl?

maissiti 1754 days ago

I would love this headdress since i wear feathers all year long. I m Mike's SIL if that makes a difference ha ha ha ha, no? alright then!

arcanasphere 1758 days ago

That headdress makes you look a lot younger, to be truthful.

jackosometrades 1758 days ago

Atlas Shrugged twice.. even Ayn Rands gotta eat.

Mokey1313 1758 days ago

Is that "Love in a Dead Language" behind you? Good book.

23Tressa 1759 days ago

It's a lovely headdress and goes well with your eyes and the books but it needs something...I know, nudity!

ticketyboo72 1759 days ago

King Julien from "Madagascar" is what this reminds me of.

TBK365 1759 days ago

Nice books!

AZKNIGHTWOLF 1759 days ago

Heck, I wear that to go Grocery shopping!!

1Aprella1 1759 days ago

haha love it! and love that Lolita and Mark Twain sit on your bookshelf.
Happy Holidays!

crazymadjo 1759 days ago


Kelsey_Burd 1759 days ago

made me snort laugh haha. happy holidays to you!

graystock 1759 days ago

Merry Christmas! You should wear that headdress in the P&T show...would work well in the diversion sketch ;)

JBadger169 1759 days ago

Like it, thanks for putting the smile on my face.

Chalalu 1759 days ago

lol, merry secularmas! your headdress looks awesome!

mustelidmama 1759 days ago

Merry Secularmas. I like getting presents too!

mustelidmama 1759 days ago

Merry Secularmas. I like getting presents too!