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My Christmas Eve

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2112 days ago

My Christmas Eve


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Intactus 2049 days ago

Best Christmas ever (lol late)

rgyatso 2110 days ago

Please adopt me! Even if it isn't that cold in Vancouver right now.

alleypat 2111 days ago

very nice :)

LaurieLeeV 2111 days ago

Wow - looks nice.

wakelym 2111 days ago

I feel warmer just looking at this! Thanks! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

missginnypinny 2111 days ago

I don't mean to sound cliche, but GOD I WISH I WAS THERE.

Nocturnelle81 2112 days ago

Wha it's absolutly beautiful!! Lucky you are Jewel and merry Christmas

LittleClaire_70 2112 days ago

Looks a bit like my Christmas Day! 80 and sunny here in Auckland, New Zealand. Aren't we the lucky ones?

princessrica 2112 days ago


AlteredStaite 2112 days ago

Hey Juliette....who's them bods out there? Shall I guess? Molokai looks a bit cloudy. When are you going to the Luau?

MelissaARedmond 2112 days ago

This is seriously reaffirming my vow to spend next Christmas in HI...and I live in CA, it's not like I'm suffering.

mediocrepanda 2112 days ago

Wow. Well done, miss jewel.

WeaverofStories 2112 days ago

looks beautiful!

KPipsy 2112 days ago

(Cries.) Today in Vermont it was warm- 33 degrees! Wahoo! I went to Florida on vaca the first week of this month and afterwards I realized how bad I have it up here. Take me back NOW!

eicholzking 2112 days ago

Jewel, shouldn't you be in the pic wearing a bikini?

GlowingTribute 2112 days ago

"Total Jewel Staite per Serv."- a new required label, to ensure that diabetics know how much sweetness is contained in any given TV episode.

Brazen_ 2112 days ago

Now that's living! Of course here in Florida that's my view to :)

LobsterJustin 2112 days ago

ah very nice

oziangelmal 2112 days ago

This is how my Christmas looks every year - Downunder - Merry Christmas to you & hubby! - already Christmas morning here, btw.

ChristoperW 2112 days ago

Looks so purtyfull, hope you are having a wonderful time.