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Working on the 2009 Rubio family Christmas eve pig. Warning picture not for the faint of heart.

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2380 days ago

Working on the 2009 Rubio family Christmas eve pig. Warning picture not for the faint of heart.


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callitown 2344 days ago

You just stepped on your own click.. haha

callitown 2344 days ago

People of Dade County "may" understand what this pic represents.. but the rest of Florida will crucify you! Thank you for helping Charlie win!

Pluto2009 2345 days ago

This is appalling, this man should not be in politics. I hope he loses....I will spread the word so that people do NOT vote for him

Christy0Christy 2345 days ago

And what that all means is that I didn't see a Vet or USDA INSPECTOR in this picture...DOES ANYONE ELSE. Isn't it the law?

Christy0Christy 2345 days ago

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is the Agency within USDA responsible for ensuring compliance with Humane Methods of Slaughter Act.The 1996 Pathogen Reduction/Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) final rule has been implemented

kmordica 2345 days ago

Thank you for showing the world what an idiot you really are... We are all watching you and your actions. Please protect the animals in your community! Believe me, they now have a voice!Please Contact armrecovery on tweet to find out how you need to start

kneadstoknow 2345 days ago

I think you did your potential constituents a great favor by posting this photo. It shows us that you are a cruel and inhumane person that cares little for the welfare of animals. You should be ashamed of yourself. But it was good that you showed your tru

HireBuzz 2346 days ago

What kind of Idiot would post this? This is clearly a illegal slaughter house. Did Marco pass on the horse or the dog and select the pig. I can't believe this guy would post this after running for the Senate seat.

ARMRECOVERY 2346 days ago

If this is not a illegal farm...could I have the name of this legal slaughter farm so i can compare it to the farms i'm investigating? It doesnt look like the only legal house in Miami,,Cabreras.

ARMRECOVERY 2346 days ago

Bet rubio was given the hog mabe in return for alittle political protection for the illegal farms...not on our watch loser!

WickBeavers 2346 days ago

Man, this looks like an elephant to me. A dead one. What a weird thing to tweet.

Christy0Christy 2346 days ago

This is clearly not an FDA APPROVED SLAUGHTER SITE! Check out the filthy people. Check out the beer can. This is a facility in the C-9 Basin- hopefully recently shut down by the authorities..Just think, you too can have this dripping into your water syste

Thinkredblog 2346 days ago

- you still eat it though. How do you think the burger gets to you? Do you think they sing he cow to sleep and massage it to death?! There is ZERO proof this pig is still alive at this point. ZERO. There is also zero proof Rubio supports illegal sl

lalet 2346 days ago

If he was still breathing when this was happening you are sooo caught. Even if he wasn't, why would you post this? What makes you think people want to see this? Do I look at the rotting carcass of a cow when I order a hamburger? No, I don't.

tkyner 2346 days ago

hope he didn't get too crazy with the knife, I see the beers in the background! One slip of the knife...oops

ARMRECOVERY 2346 days ago

4 guys (1 standing on the table)holding this hog with force...4 your sake rubio he had better not be breathing while the scumb in the back is carving!

twinmamakris 2346 days ago

You won't be leading Crist in the polls after this pic! Sick! You're right, animal cruelty & torture is not for the faint of heart! And you certainly aren't somebody I want representing MY interests in the Senate!

HireBuzz 2346 days ago

Good luck running for the Senate seat. This post will for sure come back and haunt you.

Fallout911 2346 days ago

What can you expect from these ignorant idiots in government?
This needs to get out there, hopefully the MSM reports it.

tkyner 2346 days ago

ONE WORD FOR YOU-----------REPULSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!