Tom Morello


The Nightwatchman

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1732 days ago


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priscila658 1439 days ago

I sorry,,,correcting...I love idol number one .

priscila658 1439 days ago

i love zach! rage aganist the machine : ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...tom morello yeahhh!!!

alcatraz_ 1460 days ago

see you guys in brazil! wee.

ABZTRACTz 1707 days ago

you are number 1 guys! ;)
greetings from portugal ;)

rollinsummers 1714 days ago

Best band ever have never stopped going on about you being the best live gig I ever been to (and outta hundreds of bands dat reeaeaaaaall good). I got goosebumps just thinkng bout this gig in the UK this year you guys ROCK ;)))

Flemengruven 1725 days ago

I get so excited when I see you four together! It gives me chills! Maybe another tour this summer?? maybe a new album in 2011 or 2012?? :D

MattAngus 1726 days ago

awesome, just awesome. When are you coming back to Australia?

TheDaveShow 1730 days ago

Right on guys!

giantrobot07 1732 days ago

congratulations! now lets change the world.

Vietnoworg 1732 days ago

Haha congrats guys! Good celebration!

Youngmioiolio 1732 days ago

you guys are awesome! Congrats on the win y'all deserve it :D

shylander 1732 days ago

BBC Radio 5 live was fantastic moment and then onto #1 a few days later. Keep it real're an inspiration to many. Merry Christmas and have an excellent 2010

DaysAndFlowers 1732 days ago

Nicely done guys, party hard and thanks for being the voice of the people!!

Osogato02 1732 days ago

Stop celebrating and start working on a new album you bastards!

Menphischild 1732 days ago

The only number one

BillyBoozer 1732 days ago

Thanks again guys! if the UK gig does go ahead can you please ask System of a Down to play too :D that would be awesome!

feefeeramone 1732 days ago

Nice one guys- it was bloody nice to not hear that other shite as much! Have a cool Yule X

jawdrop 1732 days ago

absolutely rad ! i'd love to bump into you guys in a pub! TAKE THE POWER BACK YESSS !

wklooster 1732 days ago

YOU GUYS ROCK! I guess i'm tom's biggest fan. Or one of 'em... COME TO HOLLAND!!!

dizzychick91 1732 days ago

Number 1, baby! Still makes me laugh to look at the chart or list of Christmas #1s and see RATM on it. Completely surreal. :) Merry Christmas, chaps!