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Meet Pixie. My new little love.

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1920 days ago

Meet Pixie. My new little love.


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Rebecca5874 1880 days ago

Awwww, you got a chinese crested! She's ***SUCH*** a cutie!!

pgbp 1890 days ago

what cutie sooooooooooo adorable puupy

rfullmer 1910 days ago


JLeonardMusic 1912 days ago

I LOVE FERRETS!!!! LOL j/k She's a cutie!

KellieWard90 1913 days ago

aww she is a doll!

kaitlynann 1914 days ago

So cute! I want one :)

cprieboy 1919 days ago

Such a cute dog. Why don't you paper train them. Then you don't have to worry if they go outside.

cajungodess 1919 days ago

so dang cute...what kind of dog?

tngirl4ever 1919 days ago

Where is Moo Moo?

brieluvspickler 1919 days ago

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ADORABLE

BobbiNJ 1919 days ago

So cute! You've got quite a little menagerie going there, don't you?

MaciSmithx 1919 days ago

SOOO Adorable :)

NewfieGirl93 1920 days ago

Awwe, she's SO adorible. And I love her name! :)

adriana_kdp_fan 1920 days ago

awe shes cute!love her name!

_kirkir_ 1920 days ago

aww what a the name

mlschmidt 1920 days ago

Very cute puppy but I didn't know they allowed dogs in the rainforest cafe!

UnckyJeff_Moosh 1920 days ago

It's puppy Pickler.

peachesdiva 1920 days ago

Girl's Best Friend!

jds1959 1920 days ago

very cute puppy

PunchIsPositive 1920 days ago

I do see love in its face and smile!