Mike Wilson


Oh who am I kidding...I'm the guy that tweeted from the plane crash. Survivor of two plane crashes, two vehicle rollovers, and innumerable failed startups.

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2718 days ago


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FLYRESISTANCE 2263 days ago

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jamieleigh 2710 days ago

thankfully all is ok. i used twitter when our building was under lockdown after a gunman was on the loose. techology --- amazing the pro's and con's were starting to see come out from it.

xypowerpop 2715 days ago

that's insane.

AnneHaynes 2715 days ago

Wow, I'm still following this amazing story! Just another example of what a difference Twitter makes!

mrfrankfreeman 2716 days ago

WTF i can't see anything

orbitaldiamonds 2716 days ago

Oops, I mean T.J. Holmes. *hangs head*

nadams81 2716 days ago

WOW, well, twitter once again proves to its nay say'ers it does have a place in the social community. This time it is lending itself to breaking news and rescue applications...Guess it's gonna stick around for a while huh? Nicholas Samuel Adams youwebnit.

JamesSchipper 2716 days ago

Glad you made it out okay :-O

orbitaldiamonds 2716 days ago

Holy fucking shit, a plane crash! I just heard you talking to Don Lemon on CNN!

aschek 2716 days ago

Holy Fucking Shit I just say Mike In A Plane Crash!

celiawhitler 2716 days ago

I'm glad you are okay! Thanks for tweeting.

ZoomJer 2717 days ago

Thanks for your tweets about the crash. You probably gained more followers in one day than anyone before!



WebVixn 2717 days ago

One 3-gallon Vodka Tonic is on its way! So glad you are safe! (wow - bus might be a good idea)

corn518 2717 days ago

Yeah, they should've served drinks for sure.

Iddybud 2717 days ago

Glad to hear you're ok

awiszynski 2717 days ago

Glad you are safe.

SultryScarlet 2717 days ago

Holy crap, how scary!

infogere 2717 days ago

Hard day's night, isn't it ?

ScottLansing 2717 days ago

And they won't give you a drink? That's disconcerting.

javashri 2717 days ago

Fantastic. You are safe. Good luck dude.