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Ain't no thang but a...

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2020 days ago

Ain't no thang but a...


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team_logy 1530 days ago

buildboard :) #epicfail

BTRStoleMyHeart 1647 days ago

Chicken wang :D

JoeyDiamondCrew 1647 days ago

...drumstick. #fail.

SkipScoop2MyLou 1678 days ago

chicken wangggg

btrforeva 1732 days ago

i don't know how many times i have heard that... =)

livylou8998 1777 days ago

lovely :)

BTRlover1 1795 days ago

haha CUTE! :)

LaurenMilgram 1813 days ago


hi124567 1818 days ago

lol i knew it cause every time im with my brothers and there friends thay always say ain't no thans but a chicken wang! haha

sarrijan130 1943 days ago


Gailz0 1973 days ago

...chicken wang! :P

sprinklemonster 1977 days ago

yummy chicken drumb stick!! umm umm umm

GeorgiaPeach777 1984 days ago

"chicken wang" lol but is it just me or is that a chicken leg? hahaha

brittanyb175 1985 days ago

heh heh lol Kendall! In first grade we were just experimenting with cuss words and every time we saw a piece of chicken we'd say ain't no damn thang but a f'in chiken wang b****!

AshleyLytle19 1997 days ago

Ain't no thang but a chicken wanggg :P haha (the hick/southern version) haha

LDelgado_15 2017 days ago

lmao, nice. now you made me hungry! :P

CoverGirlJenny 2020 days ago

"ain't no thing but a chicken wing" I know that was where you were going lol.

Coralee_Cookie 2020 days ago

ahaha nice one :D

angel5sos 2020 days ago

**Kendall :]

angel5sos 2020 days ago

Hahahaha I love you Kendell!